Send Pests Packing With Our Pest Control Services

Reach out to a pest control company that services North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

Don't let your house get overrun by rodents and insects. Putnam Pest Service eliminates the threat of pests in your home. By putting your trust in a reliable pest control company, you can stop worrying about finding six-legged strangers in your kitchen and bathroom.

We can eliminate all kinds of pests, from fire ants to fleas. Protect your tenants or your family from dangerous animals like snakes, scorpions and ticks. We can do regular monthly pest control to keep your space pest-free at all times.

Call 940-600-0228 today to hire a pest control company in Wichita Falls, TX. We also service North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

Turn to us when you need pest control services at your home

Turn to us when you need pest control services at your home

You shouldn't have to share your space with any pests. We'll get rid of bugs in your house. You can also count on us when you need apartment pest control in your complex.

Our pest control services include:


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What makes Putnam Pest Service the right choice for you?

Since 1999, we have worked to eliminate pests from homes and apartment complexes throughout Oklahoma and Texas. We are licensed and bonded by the state to address pest problems in large apartment buildings. Our services are affordable and effective.

Real estate investors and owners of an apartment complex can benefit from our pest removal services. You'll be able to attract more tenants if your property is completely free of insects and rodents.

We are licensed in Oklahoma and Texas. Our services cover Lawton, OK, as well as Amarillo and Fort Worth, TX.